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(no subject)
My throat burns like mad right now. I have a cough, and I’m very tired. I feel like it’s a cold, but it could be allergies. It doesn’t really matter, does it? The treatment is pretty similar. Drink lots of water. Take Tylenol for pain. I need to take allergy meds anyway.

I feel very sorry for myself. I feel like, physically, I can’t catch a break. I’m either depressed or in pain or tired, and I’m never sure where one ends and the other begins. And when I start to feel better, I get hopeful, and a few days later I feel worse and am disappointed. Even though I can pretty much expect it.

So, that’s life. But I went to work today and did an okay job, even though I felt wretched, so that’s an accomplishment.

Tonight, I am looking forward to a warm bath with Eucalyptus-scented Epsom salts.

I can’t wait! (Honestly.)