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A Sunday Ramble
general, talking
- cross posted to my other blog-
I've been feeling a little better.

Do you ever see that New York Times column, "My Sunday Routine"? I've only read it once or twice, but it made me feel like I should really have a better Sunday routine. Like, I make a quiche and have brunch with my friends, and hang out with my extended family all afternoon.

(Never mind that I don't have extended family that ever hangs out together.)

Things that are going well

I've started a bullet journal! When in doubt, get hyper organized, right? It does feel good to make lists and mark them off, which is why I've been so enamored with Habitica the last few years. I like that I can put everything in my bujo, though. So far, calendar, daily to-do lists with events highlighted, blog ideas and topics (which makes it sound like I'm organized about blogging, here or elsewhere, and I'm not; I'd just like to be!), podcasts to follow/prioritize, stuff my mother asks for, food combinations I'm enjoying, the cable stitch pattern I'm using to make a scarf, and dog training progress.

I feel like I've only just begun. Now that I've started, I'm wondering why everyone doesn't do this? Of course, now everyone IS doing it. But why aren't we taught this in school? It's so nice to have everything indexed and within reach.

I don't know. Maybe this is the honeymoon phase. Maybe I'll only love it for a few weeks. But I am still using Habitica, so I think it can all come together.

Food combinations that have been pleasant surprises

*Mango salsa and cottage cheese on sprouted grain
*Sliced banana dipped in ground flaxseed
*Greek yogurt with berries and 2 tbsp walnuts

I know, these aren't earth-shattering. But I sometimes overlook the simple combinations that make food interesting in favor of complicated recipes. Mental note: it doesn't have to be so hard.


Poor Ira Glass. I've seriously had him on my mind so much since last week's episode of This American Life.

In Act 4, he talked about losing his friend, Mary, who had been the last person he talked to every day, since he and his wife separated. A few things he said really hit me, and now that I think of it, probably contributed a lot to my circles of thoughts about mortality and loneliness.

Radio really is an intimate medium. I don't get into celebrity culture, but these people who I hear on podcasts every week? I feel like I know them. I care about them. I sent Ira Glass a condolence tweet and he liked it, and I felt like it was one of those rare and sweet moments that technology fosters more human connection, rather than less.

Today, I listened to Wait Wait, and now I'm catching up on Radiolab, which is pretty heavy. CRISPR was about the heady speed of gene editing. Now I'm listening to a two-parter on police shootings, and wondering if I should take a break to listen to that Nerdette episode on sex, or the Freakonomics episode literally titled, "Why is my life so hard?"

There are too many podcasts to keep up with! This is why it has a whole page in my bullet journal. :)