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A choice
Something I never thought I'd say. ..

My mother is going to move in with me for a few months.

I know, I know. I just couldn't think of a way for her to keep her apartment and income, and it seems so unfair that she has to make this choice -or have it made for her- just because her insurance doesn't cover short-term rehab.

So I'm clearing out my den, and getting it set up for her. She'll still have an aide and home OT and PT, and hopefully she will get stronger. I had a talk with her yesterday that end of January is a good goal date for her to be self-sufficient, and if she is not, that we'll have to look for other places for her to go.

I'm dreading some things, like her wanting to talk when I want quiet, or that she has her TV on all the time. But I'm also glad she has a chance to get better (if she can/chooses to) and that we won't be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in a nursing home.

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Also, could you let Crew know about all this? I'm going to make the last few posts public in case anyone wants to read them.

Sure. What can we do for you?

Also, I assume you'd guess this, but election night watching at Courtlands on Tuesday.

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Got it! Want to go see the new Dr Strange tonight or tomorrow afternoon?

Yes please! Tonight would be great!

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